What Do All The People Know?

I probably should’ve done this for the past eight semesters, but its better late then never…

The First BiAnnual “What Did I Learn This Semester?” Post Extravaganza!

Here goes:

ECO294 – Computed Aided Statistical Analysis: I learned how to do regression and correlation analysis on data sets. Of course, those regressions and correlations were done using a program that costs more then a car to get a licenses for, so I will obviously be using it at home a lot. Truthfully, I learned a lot more in this class then I thought I would. I finally understand all of those formulas and nonsense we learned in Statistics and it was great to actually be able to look at data and find some meaning to it, instead of just talking about standard deviation and the correlation coefficient as if they matter in the real world.

PHIL30001 – The Rational Animal: No matter how many classes you miss (and despite the warnings in the syllabus), you can still pull and A-! Wait, I did actually learn something though….I hate Descartes. A whole bunch.

ECO330 – Marketing: Group projects suck. I say “um” a lot when I speak in front of groups of people (I only learned this because I was the only person in my group to ever present anything to the class). Did I mention group projects suck? I liked this class though, lots of practical knowledge picked up.

ECO271 – Corporate Finance: First off all I learned how to actually operate my financial calculator, so at least is no longer just an expensive paperweight. I learned that I may want to eventually sit for the CFA exam in a few years. I also (finally) learned what all those numbers used to describe bond prices in the newspaper mean. I guess I learned a lot.

ECO3220 – Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy: I believe this is the class in which I learned the most. I finally understand what the Federal Reserve does and why the Chairman of the Fed is really the most powerful person in the US (and maybe even the world). I learned all about inflation and hyperinflation and why those are both really undesirable, and exactly how the Fed combats them. I was a little apprehensive about this class, mainly because of the professor, but it all came out OK. Great professor, he seemed to know everything and anything about monetary policy and macroeconomics.

My Money, Banking, and MP professor also recommended this great book that I actually just finished, Freakonomics. More on that later, but definitely pick it up ASAP.

So there’s my semester in review. So far I have received two grades, and A in Comp. Aided Stat. Anal. and the aforementioned A- in Philo-torture.

I am just going to relax this week, clean my room, get a haircut, say my goodbyes at the Ash, and get ready for the start of internship-festivities on 6/1.

Just because I need a place to write it down…
Tentative Fall Schedule:
Monday/Wednesday: Investments (at Baruch), Science: The Natural Man (Honors College requirement, “science for poets”), Jazz History 2 (from WW2 to the present…definitely not my favorite period of jazz at all), and Elements of Calculus (calc for eco majors, not the ridiculously hard calc for engineers/architects I’ve been put in twice)

Tuesday/Thursday: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics.

20 credits, 6 classes, all required. Sleep? Not happening.

Blogging to resume this week.